Main Course: Chicken

Achaari Chicken

Tender chicken cooked with a mild pickled ingredients

Karahi Chicken

Chicken cooked in spicy Masalla sauce, finished with herbs & spices in the wok

Butter Chicken

Tender chicken, marinated in yoghurt and spices, cooked to silky succelence in the tandoor, then simmered in a vibrant-red masalla sauce

Balti Chicken

Chicken slow cooked with a mixture of ground spices and fresh green chillis finished with light herbs

Chicken Masalla

Chicken cooked in a rich spicy masalla sauce flavoured with fresh coriander

Chicken Korma

Mild and creamy korma or aunthentic style korma


Chicken Jalfrezi

Tender succulent pieces of chicken cooked with capsicum

Chicken Tikka Masalla

Boneless chicken tikka cooked in a mild and creamy sauce

Ginger Chicken

Chicken slow cooked with a mixture of spices and fresh chillis fused with fine sliced strips of ginger

Malai Jeera Chicken

Chicken cooked in tasty flavoured yoghurt with cumin seeds

Methi Chicken

Chicken pieces simmered to succulence with fresh fenugreek (methi), in a traditional savoury sauce

Palak Chicken

Succulent chicken cooked with garden fresh spinach (palak)