Canapes: Vegetarian

Aloo Papri Chaat

A refreshing combination of crispy papri, tasty potato, chickpeas and finely sliced onion covered with yogurt and tangy tamarind sauce

Aloo Tikki

Authentic fried mini potato cakes, lightly spiced topped with yoghurt, chickpeas and tangy tamarind sauce

Chilli Paneer

Indo-oriental style of tossing cubes of paneer, onion, green chillies and peppers in a tangy sauce

Vegetable Parcels

Parcels with a twist at the top as a seal, filled with potatoes, carrots, green peas and spices

Vegetable Tempura

Mixture of vegetables, cut into bite-size pieces, coved in a batter then lightly fried and served with dips


Vegetable Spring Rolls

Mini spring rolls filled with mixture of potatoes, carrots, green peas and spices

Chilli Mogo

Fresh cassava deep-fried and seasoned with a special chilli marinate

Pani Puri Shots

Classic Pani Puri with a served in contemporary style

Roasted Vegetables with Feta Cheese

Seasonal Vegetables marinated then roasted Generously garnished with feta cheese

Mini Onion Rings

Finely sliced onion ring dressing with a light batter then lightly fried until golden

Papadom Bhel Puri

Traditional snack of potatoes, puffed rice, served on a mini popadom, garnished with coriander and tamarind sauce