Main Course: Sides

Mix Leaf Salad

Assorted mixed salad, iceburg, lettuce, cucumbers, tomoto, red kidney beans.

Aloo Raita

Yoghurt made with new potatoes.

Cucumber & Jeera Raita

Freshly-made yoghurt flavoured with cucmber and roasted cumin.

Cumcumber & Mint Raita

Yoghurt made with cucumber and a hint of fresh mint.

Bhoondi Raita

Freshly-made yoghurt flavoured with cumin & ground black pepper with tiny gramflour puff-balls.

Bhallay Raita

Yoghurt made with doughnut shaped lentil mixture.


Tandoori Naan Bread

Leavened freshly baked Indian style bread made in a clay oven.


Deep fried unleavened bread.

Freshly Fried Bhatoora

Deep fried light puffed leavened Indian Bread.

Tomato & Cucumber Raita

Yoghurt made with fresh tomatoes & cucumber.

Kachumer Raita

Yoghurt with chopped red onion, tomatoes, cucumber chilli and cumin seeds.