Canapes: Non-Vegetarian

Chicken Pakoras

Tender chicken breast pieces marinated in garlic, ginger, coriander and spices, deep fried in batter

Chicken Tikka Bilinis

Tender fine slices of chicken in a wrap with tasty herbs and lettecues.

Jeera Scallops*

Scallops tossed in Wishes legendary jeera & chilli sauce served in the oyster shell.

Mini Fish & Chips

Mini fish fillets fried in batter and finely cut pototoes fried and served as canape. A modern Wishes twist on a classic dish.

Lamb with Mango Salsa

Marinated lamb tenderloin cooked to perfection in oven, thinly sliced into rolls and stuffed with mango salsa


Mini Shami Kebab Burgers*

A favorite shami kebab served as burger with the detailed garnish.

Prawn Spring Rolls

Light filo pastry rolls stuffed with prawns.

Sesame Prawn Toast

prawns coated in sesame seeds shaped and served as classic toast.

Til Jhinga

Battered fried king prawns coated in sesame seeds.

Tandoori Lion & Tiger Prawns*

Lion and Tiger prawns are marinated in a special secret spicy sauce then roasted to perfection in the tandoor